Thursday, 25 October 2012

Anyone ever feel like this?

If you put some fleas in a jar and close the lid, the fleas will begin

to jump, of course with the lid on they will only hit their tiny heads

and never be able to escape. After about 20 minutes they learn

that they are trapped and they change the height of their jumps

so that they will stop hitting their heads. 

Give them a little bit longer and they will grow accustomed that

they will never escape and once this happens you can safely

remove the lid and the fleas will continue jumping at the same

medium height, eternally trapped in the jar. 

You see they firmly believe that they will never be able to escape

and that's why they stop trying, of course after spending 20 minutes

jumping straight up hitting your head, with no way of escaping, who

wouldn't... The problem is that they get so used to the idea of being

trapped that they never even bother to lift their heads again to see

if the lid has come off...

Having a mentor or guide is a great way to help you keep lifting

your head to see if there is an opening in the jar, you never know

my friend, because just like in the case of the fleas, anything could

happen in 20 minutes. 

Never doubt yourself and what you can achieve, put your mind to

it, keep pushing and I promise you that an opening will come.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Exhaustion,Fatigue & Renewal

If you're wondering if you can keep going you're probably doing too much.
If you're wondering when to push yourself a bit harder you're probably not doing enough.
It's the fine line that Bradley Wiggins pedals so well.
Unless we create enough time for renewal & reflection it's easy to confuse the two.